Monday September 22nd – Chapter 1  Guided Reading 1.2

Tuesday September 23rd – Chapter 1  Guided Reading 1.3
Wednesday September 24th – Native American Map
Thursday September 25th – Native American Map
Friday September 26th – Google Earth


Monday February 17th – No School  Presidents Day
Tuesday February 18th – Study for Chapter 8 Test
Wednesday February 19th – Chapter 8 test   Guided Reading Due
Thursday February 20th – Start Chapter 9   Guided Reading 9.1
Friday February 21st – Chapter 9   Guided Reading 9.2

Monday January 27th – Constitution WS
Tuesday January 28th – Constitution WS
Wednesday January 29th – Constitution WS
Thursday January 30th – Constitution WS
Friday January 31st – No School

-A.R. Novels due Feb 7th
-8th grade Warrior Clan ski trip Monday Feb 10th

Monday January 20th- Martin Luther King Video and WS
Tuesday January 21st- Constitution Highlight
Wednesday January 22nd – Constitution Highlight
Thursday January 23rd  – Constitution  WS
Friday January 24th-  Constitution  WS

Monday January 13th-  Start the Constitution Handbook
Tuesday January 14th- Constitution Handbook
Wednesday January 15th – Constitution Highlight
Thursday January 16th  – Constitution
Friday January 17th-  Constitution

Monday January 6th  Chapter 7 Section 1   Guided Reading 7.1
Tuesday January 7th Chapter 7 Section 2   Guided Reading 7.2
Wednesday January 8th Chapter 7 Section 3   Guided Reading 7.3
Thursday January 10th  – Review for Chapter 7 Test
Friday January 11th-  Chapter 7 Test    G.R. due

WEEK OF January 2-3

Thursday January 2nd  – Chapter 7 Section 1   Guided Reading 7.1
Friday January 3rd-  Chapter 7 Section 2   Guided Reading 7.2